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Any website development agency that uses website templates to create a website for their Real Estate clients, knows the name ‘RealPage’, a property management software and real estate website templates provider. We were delighted when RealPage approached us to create website templates for them. They shared their designs with us and we developed them further. These themes were of two categories, 1st standard themes that can be used by any agency to create any number of website and 2nd were custom themes that we created exclusively for Real estate clients. LS Property Management was one of the clients for whom we created a custom website.

LS Property management is a comprehensive real estate directory based in San Francisco, California.

Platform: Kentico

  • Having a Kentico framework allowed us to not worry about the number of product listings or limitations on licensing for page views.

What we delivered:

  • Our approach to this website was to keep the layout classic but minimalistic.
  • Find a Home: We placed this widget on the home page to allow a quick search option to look for properties using city, neighborhood, or community name. Results can be filtered by alphabets, high or low cost, and zip codes.
  • Property listing: We designed this widget in such a way that each property listing provides photos, floor plans, and amenities available to the customer. It also mentions hotspots around the properties. Search results can be viewed as a list, photos grid, and map locations.
  • Career: This widget enables LS Property Management to post job openings for their own organizations. Interested candidates can view the job description and apply for it with the help of a given form. Candidates can also upload their resume while applying for the job.

Client: LS Property Management
Services: Property Management Services

I’ve used Kha Creation to build multiple landing pages for me, and they all turned out amazing! They are quick to respond, and always able to help with any changes.

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