Web Designs

Kha Creation specializes in creating web designs that have a neat, uncluttered look and can clearly convey your brand message to your targeted audience.

Main focus of our designing process is to maintain the branding. If you want to redesign your existing website, we can follow and incorporate your existing brand design guidelines. Our creative team can also build new brand guidelines for your websites, giving it a refreshing new look.
Our user-friendly designs are easy to navigate and optimized for the best results on all major search engines. We can create custom website designs to match your business demands in terms of performance, industry-specific requirements, and budget.
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website developments

As the leading Pleasant Hill website development service, we specialize in building custom web applications that can meet the unique needs of your business.

We have expertise in building custom web applications such as custom portals, event management applications, staff management applications, forms, assessment tools, learning management systems, appointment scheduling apps, restaurant order management apps, custom API integrations, ecommerce websites, and lots more. We also specialize in integrating your existing applications with smartly designed creative applications on your brand new website.  As a web development expert, you can trust us to deliver precisely what your business needs.
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Web Maintenances

Kha Creation is the well-known website maintenance service provider in Martinez. Website maintenance is an ongoing process and a critical element of our services.

We stay in constant touch with our clients to ensure that their website is well-maintained and regularly updated. We can ensure that your website is always up and running at peak efficiency to boost your business prospects, productivity, and profits.
Our website maintenance experts will make sure that your website remains in great shape by incorporating cutting-edge technology in the area of browsers, operating systems, and search engines.
Your website will remain easily available to your audience at all times.
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Digital Marketing

Our powerful SEO solutions can be customized to match the digital marketing goals of your business. Kha Creation has the expertise required to keep your site optimized.

We make sure your website is accessible and visible on the top pages of leading search engines, so that people searching for your products and services online can find you quickly.
SEO is rapidly evolving making it imperative for business owners and marketers to adapt quickly and give your website the edge over your competition.
We keep updating our SEO technology to make sure that the website of our valued clients is powered by the best SEO techniques available.
Trust our experts to organically improve the SERP ranking of your website.
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Is your website not delivering the expected results? Talk to us now to discuss the best possible solutions to meet your website development needs.

Kha Creation can provide website development solutions tailored to match the unique demands of your enterprise.

Kha Creation is a full-service website design and development company based in the East Bay area. We love to help our clients achieve a higher visibility and reach by providing industry-leading solutions for web development, ecommerce, SEO, customized web applications, and more.

We specialize in building compelling websites and ensure their optimum performance with regular maintenance and updates.

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Technology Services

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Kha Creation: Your digital partner for a website that excels.

Frequently Asked Web Development Questions

Do you build mobile friendly websites?

In today’s digital world, not having a responsive website is a guaranteed way of losing a large section of your audience. As most people use their mobile devices for search and browsing, it is imperative for all online businesses to have a responsive website. Our web design experts and developers have created a responsive website that is powered by the latest technology.

What is CMS? Why do I require it?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a user-friendly software, which allows you to manage and update your websites efficiently even if you are not tech-savvy.

On what platforms do you build websites?

Kha Creation has experience in building websites on various platforms. We can build your website on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and others. Call us to know how to manage your website and web application on any CMS platform and in any language smoothly with our support.

What Content Management Systems Do You Recommend For Building A Website?

Every web design project is unique and requires specialized handling based on the needs and goals of your business. Content management systems have their unique identity and offer a series of features and benefits. Some CMS systems work best for blog sites while others are suited for ecommerce. Use the CMS platform that works best for your business functions. We have unmatched expertise in using various types of CMS such as:

Why Should I Consider Kha Creation For Web Design Or Web Development Services?

Kha Creation is a leading web development service with a great track record of delivering exactly what our clients expect and need. We begin any website development project with an in-depth analysis of what our clients need. We put our top brains on every project to deliver the best technical and creative web solutions. We have a transparent approach to web design processes and keep you in the loop at every major stage of the development process. By keeping current with the latest tools and technologies available, we make sure our clients get nothing but the best. We also have a reputation for delivering every project on time.

How Much Time Does It Take to Build a Website?

Expertise comes from experience. At Kha Creation, we are proud to state that with our unrivalled experience in creating websites for small to medium sized businesses from various industries, we can design, develop, create, and launch your website within the quickest possible time. However, it is not possible to assign a specific time-frame for building a website as there are many variables involved. Generally speaking, website projects require 12 to 16 weeks to complete. Large and complex web design projects can take up to six months and even longer.

We can develop websites faster too but we do not really recommend it because there is a timeline associated with every website project. We only strive to keep that timeline reasonable and achievable.

How Much Do You Charge For Web Development Service?

The cost of every website development project depends on various aspects such as the type and size of the website, the technology that drives it, the features, and the time frame within which the client wants it completed.

Do you provide maintenance support after the web development?

Every website development project comes with default maintenance support. Our comprehensive support is guaranteed to deliver a series of long-term benefits.

Can I Monitor and Control the Website Project Development Progress?

Our website development services are transparent and inclusive. Our clients are a part of the process and we keep them informed of the key development milestones. You can provide us with suggestions and input and we shall try our best to incorporate them based on its merits and relevance to the project. Reporting is an intrinsic part of our web design and development solutions.

How Do You Test The Project?

We have a dedicated QA and QC team for all website projects. They conduct a series of tests to ascertain the quality of the project on several key parameters to make sure that it covers everything that the client has ordered for.

Do You Also Provide Custom Web Development Solutions?

Yes, we can customize our web development solutions and web application to match the unique demands of any business.

Do you redesign websites?

Yes, we can redesign your websites to improve functionality, appearance, and performance so that it can achieve your business objectives efficiently.

How Much Does A New Website Cost ?

It is not possible to assign a fixed cost to any website project. Every website is unique and its demands and expectations vary based on the company’s goals and objectives. We have to design websites by taking into account the unique needs of your business, the market you are targeting, your competitors and the products/services involved. We will interact with your in-house professionals to understand your needs. Based on our assessment, we shall provide a quotation for the whole website development project. The average cost of a project is around $3,000 to $5,000. However, this figure can vary significantly from project to project based on the input demands.

Do You Create WordPress Websites?

Yes, we are experts in WordPress websites which drive more than 30 percent of the web market of small business websites. We will not only create a great-looking WordPress website for your business needs but also provide all the support you need to run and manage it smoothly and efficiently.

Can I Update The Site On My Own?

Of course, you can. In fact, it makes us feel great when our clients are able to take control of website operation and management. We make your job easy by providing video tutorials and training sessions to help you manage the website independently.

When Do I Pay?

We understand that every business has a different revenue flow system and that’s why we have a flexible approach to payments. You can make a one-time upfront payment or six automated monthly payments. The payment system is designed to make it easy for you to manage your expenses comfortably. We accept all major credit cards and checks. Please let us know if you are using any other mode of payment and we shall try to accommodate those as well.

How Much of Input Can I Provide?

Your input matters a lot for the success of the project. We would appreciate your suggestions and also ask questions to get a broad idea of the kind of website you are looking for in terms of function, web design, color theme, features, and budget.

Who Writes The Content For The Site?

The client provides the basic structure for the website content because no one knows your business better than you and your team. We can assist you in the process by providing an expert content writer to come up with an engaging and unique content for a small fee.

Where Should My Website Be Hosted?

Website hosting is one of the most important elements of the website development process. There are many hosting solutions available and the best one will obviously be the costliest. We will help you choose a reliable hosting platform based on your needs and our personal experiences. Our favorite is convesio.com, a reputed and creative WordPress hosting company based in the Bay Area. It is an award-winning, high-performance managed WordPress platform known for ease of use, fast setup, and quality support. Depending on the unique needs of our clients, we also recommend reliable and reputed local hosting companies from the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek areas.

I Have a Limited Budget. Do You Have Any Low Cost Options?

Website development is a costly affair and involves a fairly large investment. However, we can create a custom web design to take care of your business needs keeping your limited budget in mind.

What If I Need Help In Site Management at Any Point?

You can contact us as and when needed as we are right here in the Bay area. At Kha Creation, we love to meet our clients in person. Regardless of whether your office is in the Pleasant Hill, Martinez, or Walnut Creek area, we are always ready to come to your office to address your site management issues. We will be delighted to receive you if you wish to visit us. To add to your convenience, we will be happy to answer your questions over the phone or via email.

Before You Start a Website Redesign

How Does The Website Redesign Process Work?

There are well-defined stages to every website redesign project. We will start with a meeting to understand your goals and outline the scope of work. We will also discuss the logo and other branding goals.

The next step is to collaborate on the website design before we move to the content part. We will then firm up the variables such as the SEO elements. The development process is initiated after around 80 percent of your content is ready and the designs are firmed up.

Next comes the training part. We will work with your in-house team and train them on updating and managing your website. After the launch of the website, we will work on optimizing to ensure that your digital marketing goals are adequately realized.

How Soon Can I Expect My Website Launch?

There are several factors involved. The launch will be determined on the complexity of your website. Depending on your input and feedback, we can ensure the completion and launch of a standard website within three to six months. If you have a deadline to deal with, we will certainly take that into account and create a timeline to meet your launch date.

Will My Website Be Set-Up For SEO?

All of our sites are designed for best SEO practices and optimized for all the major Search Engines. We also include SEO Audits in all of our website projects. This consists of an analysis of your keywords and SEO and PPC strategy. We will explore all possible opportunities to improve organic traffic. Our audit offers a broad range of information and recommendations for moving your business ahead.

Can You Fix Our Old Website Instead Of Making a Brand New One?

If your website is not helping you achieve your digital marketing objectives, you should certainly consider tweaking it. Your website technology and architecture may not be in sync with times and this can affect your business prospects adversely. An old website can be tweaked to boost graphics and improve content. However, if your website has issues such as site speed, content architecture, and mobile responsiveness, it will be a wise move to create a fresh website.

During the Process of a Website Redesign

Will There Be a Dedicated Point Of Contact For My Project?

An experienced Kha Creation Accounts Manager is assigned to every web-based project to ensure a smooth coordination between your team and our specialists. Our Accounts Manager will be the liaison between your team and ours.

Can Kha Creation Provide Relevant Graphics?

Yes! Kha Creation makes use of a combination of stock photography and images/graphics that relate to your business or industry. We can also provide creative direction and help you connect with the best photographers for your graphics needs.

Will You Assist Me With the Content?

Kha Creation can provide you the expertise of our best content strategist and copywriters to create compelling and engaging content for a few pages or the entire website. Just let us know your needs and we will be happy to oblige.

Why Do You Require 80% Of Content Ready Before Site Development?

Website content is one of the most critical elements of any website. Having a major portion of the content ready can help our team optimize the content and build your website around that content for best results. This will help our development team create the right solutions once the content part is dusted and done with.

My Designs Are Approved But There Is No Demo Site Yet?

We will wait for a major part of the content work to be completed before the development process is initiated. The infrastructure work is the first step which is not a very visible aspect of the project. The demo web design is shared with the client once we are close to completion of the website project so that you can start with the UA testing and training part.

Do You Provide Website Usage Training?

The Account Manager will walk you through every area of the site as we approach launch. We will do so when the site is nearing completion so that training about the use of CMS also becomes a part of the process. The training is recorded for future reference and use.

Online Shopping & Ecommerce Website Development

What's The Best Platform For My Ecommerce Website?

Your choice of a platform for your ecommerce website will depend on your business goals. It will also depend on products list, custom functionality, and other aspects. We generally recommend WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce or Shopify. These are SaaS platforms that are user-friendly and extremely powerful. These platforms also make it simple to add, edit, and update the eCommerce portion of your website.

How Do I Set-Up Products On My Website?

The process of setting up products on your site can vary and depend on the chosen platform. Our website development team will be happy to assist in demonstrating the process by setting up a few products.

Can You Help Me Set Up Promo Codes And Abandoned Carts?

Of course! Kha Creation can get you started with special promo codes and help you understand the complexities of abandoned carts and how to win your carts back.

After Your Website Launch

What Is Included In Support?

Kha Creation offers a comprehensive support system that’s available 24/7 on email and phone. We shall make changes needed to your infrastructure or software as quickly as possible as and when needed. We will also provide the best solutions on various aspects of site management.If you are looking for support in website maintenance in Pleasant Hill, you will be happy to know that Kha Creation offers many website maintenance packages based on the specific requirements of our clients. We also provide time blocks depending on the number of hours we will require each month to take care of the website maintenance related tasks. Kha Creation has served many clients in Concord and Walnut Creek areas.

How Do I Promote My New Website?

There are many website promotion solutions available and we shall be happy to help you in reaching your business to your targeted audience. You can promote your website launch through:

  •     Posts on Social Media Networks such as 

                  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/khacreationsf/)   

                  LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/kha-creation

                  Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/khacreation/)  

  •     Emails to Your Newsletter Subscribers
  •     Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  •     Facebook & Instagram Ads
  •     Promotional Codes (for eCommerce sites)
  •     Networking Launch Party

Why Am I Not Ranking On the Top of Search Results?

Despite being optimized for organic SEO, it will take some time for the bots crawling your website to grasp the changes. Generally, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months or even more for organic SEO to show results. If a first page ranking is important to your team, we can recommend strategies such as Pay-Per-Click that can put your results above the fold.

What Sort Of Ongoing Services Do You Provide?

Kha Creation offers an entire range of services including organic Search Engine Optimization to blog writing to email campaigns to ad design and more. We offer customized packages based on the unique needs of every client. You can also avail of our monthly consultation package to achieve long term success.We have developed web applications such as custom portals, event management applications, staff management, forms, assessment tools, learning management systems, appointment scheduling app, restaurant order taking app, custom API integrations, and e-commerce websites.

For How Long Will My Design Be Relevant?

We always design sites for longevity. The website functions are tuned for frequent updates for best performance. However, you will have to update your website once every two years to keep pace with the emerging technologies and remain competitive in your niche.

Website Development Company

How is our website development company different from others?

Agile Development Process

Kha Creation is sharply focused on an agile development process where the emphasis is on an effective collaboration and clear communication between the self-organizing and cross-functional teams of designers, developers, and content creators.

Budget-Friendly Services

We understand your need to use financial resources responsibly and sensibly. That;s why Kha Creation offers custom pricing options so that you can decide on a plan based on your current spending capabilities. We can provide you a custom plan to meet your needs and budget.

Technology Expertise

We have a highly experienced team of data-driven tech experts with many years of exposure to web designing and development across diverse industries. We are proficient in using industry-dominating technology and have a great track record in creating websites that add value to your business and deliver high ROI.

Transparent Development Cycle

Our transparent processes make sure that the client is in the loop at every stage of the development process. We provide regular updates about the resources used and the methods deployed to our clients. You will get information about every decision, and strategy used during the project.

Advanced Technology-Stack

Our professional web development company does not believe in the ordinary. We keep updating our technology and tools to give you web products that are outstanding and tuned for great performance. Kha Creation offer the very latest in CMSs such as WordPress, Wix, Jhoomla, SharePoint and Crownpeak DXM, Web Technologies such as Voice UI, Progressive Web Apps, 3D Visuals, Motion UI and others, and languages like Python 100/100, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Dart, PHP, Scala, and Kotlin.

Round The Clock Availability

Our web development company is at your service round the clock and will always address your quality concerns at any point even if there are time zone differences involved. You can reach out to our web development website & services with your requirements and we will help you overcome the issues in the best possible manner.

Search Engine Optimized Website Solutions

We have proven expertise in delivering SEO-optimized solutions and SEO-compliant web products.  We specialize in building websites for local businesses keeping in mind the unique and specialized needs of their respective service industry and markets. We are the digital transformation service you need for creating websites that take into account search engines’ algorithms and the search intent of target users.

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