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We Take You on the Smoothest Journey of Planning and Designing Beautiful Website Elements.

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Our custom website design services for small businesses include enhancing the overall look and feel of your website. We deliver exactly what your users want by bringing different website elements together. Our website designs include compelling features that drive users to take desired actions. We design websites with stunning images, patterns, layouts, color palettes, fonts, and resonating content. With responsive designs, maximized usability, and high performance, Kha Creation creates an engaging user experience.

Aesthetic Design Choices

Our websites are not just about attractive visuals. They are a combination of a responsive design and an aesthetic user experience. With relevant content, and a balance between texts and images on each page, we ensure to hook the readers’ attention.

Organized Layout and Spacing

Organized Layout and Spacing

We organize and arrange content in a pleasing way that can significantly impact and improve your website’s usability and functionality. By effectively using the white space, we make sure to simplify the navigation for users.

Eye grabbing Images and Videos

Eye-grabbing Images and Videos

Images and videos are a crucial part of a website design that can strengthen your message to your audience. We integrate videos and images with top tools like Lumen 5 and Relay That  to help your users understand your message without distracting them from important content.

Stylish Icons and Fonts

Stylish Icons and Fonts

Fonts and icons should reflect your website’s personality. We use exclusive fonts and icons that match with your brand and are delightful to the users.

Powerful Color Combinations

Powerful Color Combinations

Color coding and palettes hold high significance while designing the elements of your website. By focusing on the brand message and other elements, we come up with attractive color schemes.

User friendly Action Buttons

User-friendly Action Buttons

We present clear choices for the users in the form of user-friendly call-to-actions to make sure they are not confused or overwhelmed. By featuring only the relevant buttons, we make sure users are directed to the intended actions.

Engaging Copy

Engaging Copy

Great content is about striking a balance between texts and images. We deliver engaging content with text blocks that compliments your website appearance and creates a cohesive design.

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Delivering Great First Impressions for Strong Web Presence

We create robust functional elements that enable user attraction and help achieve your goals.

As a website design expert, we study and stay updated with the latest website design trends and elements. We understand how important it is to deliver great first impressions with website design to keep the user on the page. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, and we ensure that it’s representing you in the best way possible. We integrate such functional elements to delicately control this impression.

Predictable Navigation

Predictability is the most important thing while navigating a website to establish the relationship between different elements and pages. We make sure that your users don’t have to figure out the menu and options, and make it as simple as possible.

Simplified User Interactions

We make sure all the interactions with links and options lead the users to your product/service pages or homepage. We make sure to design a website that engages with your target audience by making their user experience more interactive.

Optimized Site Loading

We make sure to consider all the factors that go into optimizing the loading speed of a website. By compressing images and videos with WordPress plugins like WP Super Cache, we make sure your website loads faster.

Solidified Site Structure

We focus on defining the client’s scope to map out the desired content, features, timeline, and create a realistic sitemap. With an architecture in place, we create a user-friendly website that leads users to take intended actions.

Cross Device Compatibility

We have expert designers who know how to deliver website designs that are compliant with any browser, setting, resolution, and format. Designing a website according to the thought process of your audience makes it easier to design the website elements that will interact with them.

An Exclusively Fluid Website Design Process to Create Personalized Websites

An organized process of Delivering top-notch web designs by giving attention to the smallest details that tell a story.

Design has the power to convey complex information engagingly and dynamically. We help you connect with your audience by telling your story through stunningly crafted features, elements, and focusing on the smallest details. Our designs make your site look good, and feel good by sewing the colors, pattern, layout, typography, and graphics. From consulting, designing, to executing – our designers complete each step diligently to deliver high quality, personalized, and high performing websites.

Understanding and Defining the Purpose

We’re here to understand and define the purpose of all of your webpages. Whether you need to redesign your website, add/delete new pages, or change color schemes – our team of designers will deliver excellent solutions accordingly.

We Make your Website Look Good

Creating a sitemap with a logical and organized flow is essential for both the user-experience and search rankings. By defining the most important pages, links, and their order, we create a mock sitemap to ensure that your site easy to navigate and use.

Creating Sitemaps and Mock-ups

Creating a sitemap with a logical and organized flow is essential for both the user-experience and search rankings. By defining the most important pages, links, and their order, we create a mock sitemap to ensure that your site easy to navigate and use.

Designing Elements to Convey the Message

We work hard to gather and identify your requirements for the best user experience. By focusing on all the key elements of website design, we define the features and set up a timeline required to accomplish your goals.

Developing Content for Pages

Before developing content, we make sure we have a clear idea of what you want to say, who you’re addressing, and what you want to achieve. We aim to engage your users by creating informative, keyword-rich, and memorable content for each page, tailored for the audience.

Gathering Requirements and Identifying Features

Pictures, videos, colors, and patterns are the best way to connect users with your website, and convey your message. We aim to bring the visual experience to life with high-quality content that adheres to your brand guidelines.

High-tech and Gorgeously Crafted Website Design Projects

Delivering top-notch web designs with a cutting-edge visual experience.

Our loyal clients keep bragging about the beautification with which we create an experience that users are looking for. By presenting clear choices for the users, we define a well-thought-out website design to make your websites user-friendly and clutter-free. We are a dedicated team of website design experts based in Pleasant Hill, with 22 years of experience and 750+ happy clients. With quick turnaround time, easy collaboration and affordable rates, we take your ideas and turn them into reality.

business to business

Hear what Toghrul from Concord has to say about us, who loved our web design services!

“In the process of meeting and interviewing web designers for the job I came across Kha Creation. After having 1 to 1 with Sandeepa I decided to go with Kha Creation and the team, and they have never disappointed me since then. Sandeepa has very straight forward, One of her strengths is that she is a great listener, first of all she takes time to understand what are you trying to achieve, why are you looking for and so on. What I liked the most about her, she is not pushy and not playing around to sell you what you don’t need or want.” – Toghrul S. Concord, CA

Here’s how we turned the vision of one of our valuable clients into a full-fledged and efficient website for their restaurant business.

The Challenge

A top-quality restaurant and catering giant in Concord and Pleasant Hill, serving authentic Mexican dishes to liven up the impromptu parties, events, and family gatherings – TLGE approached us to solve a pretty common problem that local businesses face. They needed a system on their website that their users could utilize for placing their orders. Earlier, they could only take orders physically; we came up with a solution to streamline their system.

The Solution

We integrated Gloria Food, an online food ordering system for restaurants that solved all their hassles. We integrated this system on their website to easily manage regular orders. By integrating interactive features to help their customers find the food they want to order, we were able to power their business with easy-to-spot buttons.

The Features

We implemented simple buttons for Menu and Placing Orders to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Besides that, we made an intuitive interface to let the hungry customers quickly find buttons instead of losing them. We made the process of online ordering faster by generating a fully functional website for their restaurant

The Impact

The client saw an immense improvement in taking orders more efficiently and systematically. They were able to keep track of the customers, their timings, peak hours and managed the menu stock accordingly.

  • Regular orders took a massive jump with the implementation of this feature.
  • LCP score of 988ms for loading the content elements like hero image and heading texts.
  • CLS score of 0.01 seconds shows how delightful the experience is for the visitors from their viewpoints.

Kha Creation can help you achieve the desired results! Call us now at (925) 338-9117.

Why Work with Kha Creation – One of the Top Pleasant Hill Based Web Design Company?

Get your small business to reach greater heights with our dynamic and user-friendly website designs.

Kha Creation has reached clients across each corner in and around the San Francisco Bay Area like Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Martinez, San Ramon and Concord. We design stellar websites with a user-friendly approach that is super stylish, engaging, and valuable. Flexibility, functionality, and creativity are the cornerstones of each project we handle.

Delivering What Fits your Style

We strike a perfect balance between your priorities, goals, and specifications, to deliver exactly what suits your needs. Our designs are dynamic, and we make sure to get it right by creating complex or simple site structures based on your ideas.

Custom and Template Driven Websites

If you need a website driven by templates, we utilize the potential of tools like Wix and Squarespace to customize a template. You can also hire a website designer from our company who will build a website from scratch.

Hands-on Approach to Speak your Brand Voice

We take pride in churning out the finest and creative design combinations that speak your brand language. We always strive to focus on enhancing your brand image by engaging the audience. Our designers work comprehensively towards designing your website in a manner that is always proportionate to your needs.

Budget-friendly and Adaptive Solutions

We deliver the most affordable solutions without any compromise in our quality standards. Whether you need to scale your business, or have specific needs – we ensure our designs are adaptive and executed as per our agreed-upon strategy.

Don’t settle!

… for a website that is designed to look good and nothing more.

Let us create an elegantly designed website that is not only beautiful, but also:

Easy to Use

Responsive design that has high usability makes for happy customers.

Simple and well-thought-out navigation keeps visitors on your site, and helps to increase your sales.

Easy to Find

SEO – ( Search Engine Optimization ) allows search engines like Google to find you, and delivers qualified visitors to your website.

Persuasive and Compelling

With well-designed Calls to Action (CTAs), you can turn visitors into customers.

With great content, you can inspire your visitors to return again and again to your site.

Formula for success:

Great products + great content + SEO = More Sales!

Design And Development Workflow

This design process is accompanied by a well-thought-out plan to deliver the best-in-class creation of web applications.

  • Project Plan

  • Content & Seo Research

  • Design & Development

  • Test & Deliver

  • Monitor & Evolve

Website Design
Website Design
Website Design
Website Design
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