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We Help You Choose Your Ideal Website Development Language

Each programming language has its own benefits and lack thereof. Hence, there is no right or wrong language; it’s the one that best suits your business needs. We make you choose the best web development language as it can become challenging to determine precisely which is the best coding language to learn for your specific needs, projects, and goals.

Web development

Abundant Website Development Frameworks

We provide a website development framework that contains an entire set of resources and tools for software developers to build and manage web applications, web services, and websites.

Templating Capabilities

Templating Capabilities

Our frameworks for graphic design are equipped with all the powerful templating capabilities for presenting information within a browser. Our developers create a wholesome programming environment to script the flow of application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing underlying data resources.

In depth expertise

In-depth expertise

The team behind Kha Creation comprises experienced database administrators, full-stack developers, and domain experts. Our team is fully aware that creating a great web application for e-commerce means more than just using the latest technologies and frameworks in the market.

Custom Applications and Integrations

Custom Applications and Integrations

Building a plan for complex database applications on the latest trends works only for the short term. As your business grows over time, problems also grow. We solve problems with our custom applications, designed to ensure that you can grow your business online and not have to worry about the application that powers your website.

digital marketing

Building and Managing Digital Marketing Information

We provide a solid foundation for system-level services to build a content management system (CMS) and manage your digital information on the web. We utilize such frameworks to define out-of-the-box content management capabilities, user authentication features, and administrative tools.

Complete Range of Additional Solutions

Complete Range of Additional Solutions

We provide a complete range of additional solutions under our website development service range, such as ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, Web API, WCF, and jQuery UI. You can choose your website development project to be built on a pre-defined infrastructure such as the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack.

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Website development for You!

We specialize in building custom web apps.

We build simple websites with intuitive interface.

We build high-performing sites across all industries.

We build professional websites with custom functionalities.

We help you meet the unique business needs with exceptional results.

Ready to move forward with a customized website?

Quality-driven Goals of Our Website Development Team

If you want your new website to be able to do more, you need a reliable team of creative thinkers and developers at your side. Business owners can count on us to create a custom web application that can meet the unique needs of your business. If you need a quality Pleasant Hill application website development service, look no further! Our team of expert programmers will work closely with you to create a beautiful, high-quality product that will meet your expectations.

Built-in Analytics

We include a free basic Google Analytics setup on every website to provide custom reports based on the data you need. We will create a custom web application that will suit your specific needs and exceed your expectations in every way. Continuously operating with high standards, we are known for our quality of service.

Brand Identification

You get unmatched value and quality in website design and development services when you partner with Kha Creation. Whether you need a new site or need to update an existing site, we provide the expertise and creativity that will make your brand shine.

A Website you can control

Our website designs come with an intuitive and powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit and update your website. You can add and edit pages, change text, edit images, and so much more. Your website will always be fresh and up-to-date and never require a web developer to edit it for you.

Our Sites are Beautiful

We understand that design is at the core of every successful business website. We start with a great design, which is then combined with robust web development to create a functional yet impressive site that gets results.

Understanding And Manipulating Website Content with CMS

When content is king, and up-to-date information is vital to SEO efforts.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows your website to understand and manipulate its content. We provide CMS services, enabling you to interface with your database and develop a user-friendly website.

Exponential Increase in Functionalities

We provide different options of CMS options from WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, Magento, and many others. A Graphic User Interface in a CMS makes interaction more straightforward and allows the website admin different levels of control.

Audience Interaction

CMS platforms help meet the software development needs of businesses on their own terms by researching their online behavior and tailoring a digital experience that speaks directly to your consumer. With yearly insights on the performance of each page, you can set demographics, interests, and other filters.

Tailor Messaging

We enable your website project to see the frequency of visitors reaching, entering, visiting your site. Analyzing each goal's behavior and flow allows you to see the users' drop-off and exit points. You can also use the web designer feature of a heat map that shows how visitors interact with your key pages.

Navigational Testing

We help your small business make better decisions on how to deliver your message to the audience. You can transfer the worthy features to the website after gathering information to guide you in developing the navigational flow. We also help you save money on potential redesigns.

Developing Content Hierarchies to Simplify User Search

We create a systematic internal link architecture to help your users quickly locate the content they came looking for. It increases your SEO performance by making it easier for the search engines to crawl, discover and eventually index your webpages with more conversions and greater search visibility,

Establishing Relationships Between Pages

We understand the importance of the only underlying objective of excellent website navigation and content creation, and that is, users come first; hence their satisfaction is paramount. Internal linking is essential for search engines to analyze and understand the context of the destination page's content.

Isolating Page Clusters & Horizontal Linking

Some clusters of content are more popular and influential than others. We help your business by getting such pages more external links and traffic and earn prominent rankings in the search results. By isolating such prevalent page silos found deep in the site, we create a balance across all types of content and earn you good rankings.

Creating Narrower Classifications

We help to break down the content of your website into a few broad categories. A mass amount of content can then be created as even narrower classifications to differentiate between hierarchical levels and build navigation for users. Eventually, categorizing content also helps improve the page ranking for general terms.

Design And Website Development Workflow

This design process is accompanied by a well-thought-out plan to deliver the best-in-class creation of web applications.

  • Project Plan

  • Content & SEO Research

  • Design & Development

  • Test & Deliver

  • Monitor & Evolve

digital marketing

“Sandeepa rocks! Her and her team really know there stuff. Creating a website for a number of business owners I know and they all rave about how easy it was to work with her and the high quality!”

Steve Heike

digital marketing

Move beyond the ordinary with a site
that’s specialized and customized.

What can website development do for you?


Content Management Systems

Custom Applications

Need e-commerce
on your website?

Bring on the shoppers!

Our expert team works with the shopping cart of your choice – Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento … the list goes on!

You name it, we’ve got it!

Want a Content Management System that’s right for you?

We set up the content management system (CMS) that meets your requirements.

Choose from the best CMS tools, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

Need to customize your CMS?
No problem. We do it all the time.

Ready for a Custom Application
to Uplift Your Website?

We’re your team!

We provide you with great code – in any web-based programming language – and back it up with powerful databases.

PHP, .NET, MySQL, SQL and more.

Web Development Brings You the Power to:

Increase sales with E-commerce * Keep Current with Content Management * Fine Tune It!

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Website Design
Website Design
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