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Why is it Important for Your Website to Go Mobile?

Nowadays people are connected wherever they go, right? That means your target audience is out there using their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device to use the internet.

  • In early 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices actually surpassed internet use on desktops.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, their smartphones are their main entry point to the online world.

It’s a smart business decision to “go mobile” so your customers can connect to you no matter where they are. You may even get a jump on your competitors, if they are slow to become mobile-friendly.

Mobile vs. Responsive

What is a mobile-friendly design, anyway?

“Mobile-friendly” or “mobile ready” means that your site can be viewed from any mobile device.

Some companies decide to do this by creating an entirely different site, just for mobile visitors. And in a few special cases, this is a good decision. But this solution has disadvantages: you must maintain two separate sites, and you have to track two different sites in your web traffic analytics.

It’s generally best to have only one web site – a web site with a responsive design.

How Do We Make a Site Responsive?

It’s not super-easy to do; you can’t just snap your fingers and have a responsive site. If you just think about how many different devices there are, with varying screen sizes and operating systems, you get an idea of the scope of the problem.

It takes a lot of thought and plenty of good coding. At Kha Creation, we use flexible grid layouts and flexible image sizing. We also use “media queries” to find out what type of operating system and screen size your web visitor has.

Once all this is set up, your site has a layout that magically adjusts itself to fit the device. This way, your web visitor always has a good experience – no whether they visit your site from home or on the go – and that is great for business!

Why Choose Us?

  • We can help you if you already have a traditional site, or if you are starting from scratch with a responsive site.
  • Our method covers you for future changes. How? We use media queries that set minimum and maximum widths, instead of targeting specific device sizes and orientations. This way, we cover you for the future – newer mobile devices and browsers will vary in size, but will still benefit by the responsive design we build.


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