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Trio Skincare is a top-tier skincare clinic located in Concord, California. They have been solving skin issues of clients for the last 16 years. They are known for drug-free and paraben-free acne treatments

What we delivered:

We created a custom web design for Trio Skincare clinic and developed the website with WordPress CMS. WordPress allows the integration of multiple third-party applications and widgets. This allows the ability to add extra functionality to the website.

We created a responsive website design that adjusts as per the window, display, or device it is accessed from. The website retains its site structure without breaking the content of the website.

Home: The home page displays various beauty procedures that are given at Trio Skincare clinic. Some of the most asked procedures include Hydra Facial, TLi Collagen Firming, and Uplift Facial.

There are sections added such as Beauty Buzz, Guest Pass, and Seasonal Facial.

Beauty Buzz shares regular updates on featured products, services, events, and promotions with subscribers after an easy registration step.

Guest Pass: Guest Pass allows the discounted rate to people who are coming through an existing customer’s referral for their first Facial, Peel, Botox treatment, Filler, or Laser treatment. When a guest redeems the pass the customer receives the cash rewards from the clinic.

Services: Trio Skincare provides various types of skin remedies to young and adults of both genders. We have listed all the treatments available along with a short detail of the treatment, cost of service, and the duration it takes to complete.

Medical Services: This page is created to list all the medical services provided by Trio Skincare such as Botox, Anti-aging, and MicroLaser peel. At the bottom, we have added the menu of all the services for customers to refer to.

Shopping: We created the e-commerce section for Trio Skincare where we have listed various brands, skincare products, makeup accessories, natural beauty supplements, and solutions as per the skin conditions.

Client: Trio Skincare
Services: Skin Care services

Region: Concord, California

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