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La Veranda Cafe


La Veranda Cafe is a beautiful traditional Italian restaurant located in CA. They provide exquisite foods like soups, antipasti, pizza, pasta, and other main courses. It’s quite an old and family-owned restaurant. La Veranda Cafe also provides space for private parties with complete service including food and wine.

Kha Creation appreciates the opportunity received to create a business website for La Veranda Cafe.

What We delivered:

  1. We gave an entirely new look and interface to this website.
  2. The older vertical menu bar was changed into a new traditional horizontal menu bar.
  3. Quick links to the important resources such as videos, court forms, podcasts, etc. in the form of eye-popping icons.
  4. A search bar functionality was added in the header itself to make it easier for the users to search relevant resources directly from hundreds of options.
  5. We added an animated logo on the homepage to make the website look dynamic and lively.
  6. Account login button for the paid users added at the top of the website.
  7. A new feature of podcasts has been added to the website.
  8. The total responsive nature of the website makes it simpler for the clients to view the site on different devices easily
  9. The ‘Free Divorce Resources’ page provides step by step detailed information and materials required for filing divorce cases.
  10. The ‘DIY Divorce Package’ page helps users to purchase premium resources by adding items to their cart and ordering it via various payment methods.
  11. The ‘Divorce Video Guide’ page lists more than 70 FREE video tutorials which the users can watch directly on the website interface.
  12. The ‘Court Form Database’ page gives access to dozens of FREE downloadable court forms for a divorce filing procedure in California.
  13. We integrated links to the homepage on the brand logo and placed them at the header and footer section of the website
  14. We also provided the client with the necessary documentation and briefing on editing and managing the website content via detailed calls and recorded video.

Client: La Veranda Cafe
Services: Food Services

I’ve used Kha Creation to build multiple landing pages for me, and they all turned out amazing! They are quick to respond, and always able to help with any changes.

Want to create website for your food service/ restaurant business?

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