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Istanbul Rug


With their reputation as San Francisco’s finest rug manufacturer, Istanbul Rug wanted us to create an extensive website for them which would allow users to shop for their favorite rug similar to shopping in a physical store. Ease of access and navigation was of high priority.

Functionality requested:

  • Provide easy catalog to customers where they can view rugs, filter them as per the category, material, style, and size.
  • A custom rug request module
  • Ability to get the quote for a selected product

What we delivered:

  • The website was built on a Squarespace platform but it quickly outgrown the capabilities provided by the platform. We migrated it to WordPress as the functional requirements needed a more flexible and robust platform.
  • To provide easy filtering of the products, we designed the website in traditional e-commerce layout. Customers can view products by selecting various filters like categories, material, style, and size.
  • A customer can also view the entire catalogue with navigational buttons. They are also shown previously viewed products at the bottom of the page.
  • Website hosts more than 100 product images, each one is optimized for search engines.
  • A customer dashboard, where customers can request for a quote on the desired product and purchase later from the physical store. A custom rug can also be requested from the website by sharing the reference photos and additional information with Istanbul Rug.
  • Istanbul Rug has been famously featured in many popular design, lifestyle, and home decor magazines. We added a custom revolving widget that highlights each magazine.
  • A brand that has worked with so many designers and clients worldwide generates tons of reviews and testimonials. They wanted us to display all of them all in a dedicated space. We used ‘Broadly plug-in’ to collect all the reviews and testimonials together.

Client: Istanbul Rugs
Services: Custom and handcrafted rug designer and manufacturer

I’ve used Kha Creation to build multiple landing pages for me, and they all turned out amazing! They are quick to respond, and always able to help with any changes.

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