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Kha Creation has been a part of a local group of service providers in Pleasant Hill, where each member tries to add value to society by adding a new member who provides specific services. So, whenever a group member needs help with any type of service, there is always some local service provider that we can recommend to those who are looking for it. This creates a chain of referrals for every member in the group where everybody can help each other to boost their business locally.

As a website design and development company, Kha Creation strives to build a long term relationship with our clients. It becomes obvious to recommend other skilled service providers to our clients and help them with any of their tasks. Most of the time our clients also return the favor and that’s another way how we create networking opportunities for local businesses in Pleasant Hill. This results in a strong local community where every local service provider has something to offer to others which creates a cycle of goodwill and humble thought of charity.

What is BNI?

BNI or Business Network International is an American networking organization that currently holds more than 270,000 members in approx 9500 chapters in more than 74 countries around the world.

Kha Creation is associated with the BNI Abundant Referral Circle chapter located in Oakland, California which is a part of BNI – San Francisco Bay. Our Technical Director and CEO Sandeepa Nayak hold the position of Director Consultant. On average, a BNI member increases his/her business by 20% in the first year. We are a group of social and highly committed professionals who know how to promote and refer other local businesses to each other.

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What is Pro Visors?

Provisors is a national professional business networking organization founded in 1988 in Los Angeles by top professional service providers such as attorneys and bankers. Provisors has more than 6000 active members throughout Atlanta, Boston, California, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and New York with further expansion plans for the entire United States.

Provisors allow easy networking opportunities with other local professionals and business services who provide their services nationally. It provides a platform where professionals can connect and build trust to engage in a working relationship.

Kha Creation is part of Wal 3 (Walnut Creek – 3) chapter. Our CEO and Technical Director, Sandeepa Nayak is the Executive Committee member of the group and DEI Ambassador (Diversion, Equity and Inclusion Committee) of East Bay Women’s Affinity Group.

Wal -3 chapter consists of many valuable members, each one of them brings a unique skill set to the table. Walnut Creek -3 has a blend of quality presenters, member spotlights, interactive exercises paired with the professionalism that inspires other new members to become the best version of themselves. Every meeting is packed with so many testimonials that they hardly get time to post thank-a-monials.

Walnut Creek -3 is one of the few tech-savvy groups that make use of the Zoom app for interactive sessions with all the members by using its features such as polls, breakout rooms, spotlight, and chats.

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Kha Creation actively supports local charities and social causes. Do you run a non-profit? We can help you with our expertise in web development services. Click here

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