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Over the past few months, our dexterous team at Kha Creation has been working with Black Diamond Roofing, Inc to create a website that is fitting for the re-roofing experts who are renowned for providing quality services at competitive pricing in Northern California.

Kha Creation has the solution to everything related to website development and designing which is what makes us your go-to. We are always happy to help and are glad to share with you the snippets of the work we did for our client Black Diamond Roofing.

  1. Our highly skilled website designers entered the scene with innovative ideas to make the website look more appealing and add to the overall theme. The sketchy image and simple yet futuristic-looking font as seen on the website engage the viewers.
  2. To ensure that the banner remains visible at the top as viewers scroll down the page, we added the blur effect for easy navigation through the menu. This way, the banner with the menu is present as we scroll down.
  3. Our clients wanted their website to cover all aspects of their work which is why we decided to dedicate specific pages to give their audience a clear idea of who they are, what they do, and what work they can do for you.
  4. The landing page is the home page where all the details about the company’s location, work timings, introduction, services, projects, testimonials, and Instagram posts are displayed.
  5. The ‘About Us’ option from the menu redirects viewers to the page where the team is introduced.
  6. The ‘Services’ page displays the kinds of re-roofing, repairs, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services that they are offering.
  7. The ‘Our Work’ page is entirely dedicated to work as a photo gallery for our client’s customers to go through and get an idea of the services.
  8. The ‘Contact’ page informs viewers about the address, email, and phone numbers as well as lets them submit a message to the company.
  9. An attractive feature for website that highly works to the client’s advantage is the Instagram section. Our tech team ensured that all the latest images the client posts on their Instagram page are automatically updated on the website.
  10. We know how important it is for our clients to draw attention to their services which is why added a special section dedicated to ‘call to action’.
  11. For the header and footer, we ensured that the company name is emphasized with embedded links for the home page.
  12. Another eye-catching feature we added to the website is the ‘24/7 Emergency Number’ tab that is present on the right side of the page as we scroll up and down.
  13. Our tech experts also designed a responsive mobile-friendly website that works just as flawlessly to ensure a good browsing experience for the client’s customers, irrespective of the device they are using.
  14. We also provided the client with the necessary documentation and briefing on how to edit the content on the website.
  15. Apart from this, we also created an Email Signature for Black Diamond Roofing. Moreover, our helpful team taught the client how to use the Email Signature feature in their emails by visiting them personally.

Creating tailor-made websites for maximum client satisfaction is an absolute delight for Kha Creation so if you are looking forward to a website that is perfect-to-the-t, you know where to find us.

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